What is your “Core”



I wanted to address the Core aka Powerhouse for Anatomy Tuesday since I had mentioned this muscle group in my post yesterday. What is your Core??? It is not a apple and if you answered “abs”, you are incorrect. The abdominals are in the core(torso) region however the core of your body consists of four muscles the Transverse Abdominis (the deepest abdominal layer), Multifidus, Diaphragm and Pelvic Floor. These four muscles of the core stabilize the pelvis and spine. Pilates divine purpose is to strengthen the core allowing the limbs to move harmoniously with the body. A weak core will cause muscular misalignments, creating poor posture like Lordosis (but not limited to) forcing the lower back to work harder to compensate, causing stomach protrusion, tight hip flexors, educing pain and the possibility of injuries (office workers can tend to have a weak core and these issues due to sitting all day).

In Pilates we often call the core “The Powerhouse”. With the Pilates practice if you have an “engaged core” the benefit from the exercises will be much greater and the exercises utilize the core through all movement hence why you will create a strong healthy core and create muscular balance when done correctly. With teaching it is best to start with low spring resistance which helps the client find the core engagement, if the core is not strengthened once additional weight is added the engagement of the core will waver allowing larger muscles groups to take over disengaging the core. Due to the great benefits of core strengthening, range of low to high impact conditioning and wide range of position modifications Pilates is often utilized as a companion with Physical Therapy for rehab..

With activation of the core and proper alignment embodied in everyday life your body will flow harmoniously strengthening yourself to optimum health gifting you more enjoyment in everyday life and sports . This is why so many athletics and celebrities are supplementing their training with Pilates.. Engage that core!!

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