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With the rainy and cloudy skies over the last week it was refreshing to have a sunnier day upon us here in Southern California. I just had to get outside and absorb some golden rays obtaining some natural Vitamin D consumption. I know the sun is not good for us for a number of reasons but it is my vice. Nothing makes me feel better then a nice sun session. Here are some facts about Vitamin D … It is personally my best mood enhancer .. Cheers!


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2 thoughts on “Vitamin D…

  1. Cathie Hughes says:

    Yes, Vitamin D is so important to our health. I have just finished my fourth round of very high dose prescription vitamin D Therapy. My blood work came back a lot better and I am now on over the counter Vitamin D and I try to get outside every day for a little natural vitamin D as well. It does not have to be long periods of time. We all have busy lifestyles but even 15 minutes outside when the sun is shining, is so beneficial to our health.
    So go out on your patio, walk the dog, talk to your neighbor, take the trash out or wash your car. Just soak up those rays.

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