Vanilla Flax Banana Protein Pancakes



Been on my own for the weekend and making my morning protein smoothie was not sounding like a Sunday morning breakfast I have been seeing all these protein pancake recipes, so I figured why not try it out while the cat is away.. I like to try and test new things out before making the hubby try it.. Just in case.. So after browsing a ton of variations online here is my take on this new healthy pancake variation ..


1 Scoop Vanilla Protein (organic plant based)
1/4 cup coconut flour
1 Egg White (brown cage free)
1/4 Cup Almond milk
1 tb flax seed
1/2 mashed banana

Let’s cook :

Stir dry ingredients together. Add wet ingredients and mix well add mashed banana last. Heat pan on medium heat. Spray with nonstick coconut spray add batter into pan. Cook about a minute to two on each side before flipping. Top with fresh fruit!!


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