imageYesterday was my last pilates module to complete Exo Chair and I officially only have 75 hours left to go to complete my total hours needed to test out!!! I am so pleased that I have come this far, I dove into this process last September, at times it truly seemed like I would never get 450 hours in, with working a full time job, running a household and being a loving puggle mom it has been quite a challenge. This process has proven much to myself and what my capabilities are which have exceeded far more then I thought I was possible of. It is amazing the growth I have experienced through this process. Who knew that running off of five hours of sleep a night, waking up at four am every morning and running around like a wild woman everyday was possible. I am excited that I am now teaching and inspiring others and this process has been a success. To think I only have about 2 more months of running ragged to complete my hours and get officially certified. I wonder what I will do next, I am not one to stay idle 😉

I have to say that on these long days it has been awesome to drop in at “Thrive” the new organic juice bar in Laguna Niguel. I get amazing goodies to fuel myself so I can thrive on these long days. Thrive is sourced from local organic produce, cold presses all juices, uses alkaline water, and offers gluten free/dairy free options. In addition the location is beautiful, so LA 🙂

They also sell Kombutcha and my favorite coconut water 😉 some of my favorites are the Ginger lemon shot, the Tummy Tuck juice, The E3AFA, and the Fresh Glow Smoothie..


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