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Last week all I saw all over Instagram and Facebook was everyone in Paris at fashion week.. Je t’aime Paris in fact one of these days real soon I am going. My intention was to make it happen for my 35th birthday however I can’t seem to find a companion and I am not so sure about making the trip solo. So it may have to wait a little while longer until some of my girls can save up enough funds to join me.

Seeing all this Paris inspired my playlist of the week, it is a little electro pop / French house .. Thought this would be a good mix for some of my slower paced classes .. Jouir!!!

1) Ready For It (feat St Lucia)- RAC
2) Shine A Light (Flight Facilities Remix) – The C90s
3) Dance With Me (feat Dominique) Le Youth
4) UFO- Sneaky Sound System
5) Let you go – The Frenchmakers
6) 2 People (feat Tara Bush) – Jean Jacques Smoothie
7) I’m Missing You (Radio edit) – Yasumo
8) Delta – C2C
9) Like I’m On Fire ( Kartell Remix). – Karma Kid
10) Mason Jar- Small Pools
11) Hot Hands- Darius
12) Don’t Wanna Dance – MO
13) Fiction – TheXx
14) Give your Ghost- Navvi

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