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It has been a rainy land here in Southern California the last few days, the storm has been a little tropical and warm, yesterday I found myself in a downpour when I took Kona out.. It felt pretty good however the lightening was a little freaky.

So let’s go out and dance in the rain to my playlist of the week. I am loving these Electro Pop jams…

1) Shake- Moon Bounce
2) Keep Moving – Jessy Lanza
3) The One – The Knocks
4) Embrace -Goldroom
5) Stranger Love (RAC Mix)- Classixx
6) Doses & Mimosas – Cherub
7) Fifteen -Goldroom
8) Overdose – Little Daylight
9) Ghost (Viceroy Mix) – Mystery Skulls
10) Kisser – Step Rockets
11) Ghost- Hasley
12) Climbing Trees – Pigeon
13) Rainmakers – Naomi Pilgrim
14) Blue Hawaii – ASTR
15) Cool Thing (feat Ellie Young)- Coach Bombay
16) The Bells – Lowell

Yes yes and one more yes!!!! Enjoy…

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One thought on “The Sundae Drip… Playlist of the week

  1. Cathie Hughes says:

    I love walking in the rain. I found myself in it the other day too. It was so refreshing. I was drenched when I came in but I was in no hurry to do so. It was exhilarating. Love the play lists.

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