Lorna Jane Trunk Show @ The Pilates Shoppe

Come join us this Thursday the 20th from 5:30 to 8:00pm for the Lorna Jane Trunk Show at The Pilates Shoppe in Aliso Viejo Physical Therapy. This is a great opportunity to check out the beautiful studio, meet the other instructors and clients, sip bubbles, have some treats and get 10% off all your Lorna Read More


What is your “Core”

I wanted to address the Core aka Powerhouse for Anatomy Tuesday since I had mentioned this muscle group in my post yesterday. What is your Core??? It is not a apple and if you answered “abs”, you are incorrect. The abdominals are in the core(torso) region however the core of your body consists of four Read More


All Work No Play…

It was a beautiful summerish day today in the 80’s, however there was no beach time on the agenda for me today.. I had a marketing photo shoot for a new Pilates studio that has opened locally in Dana Point, “The Core Connection”. The studio is sleek, beautiful and has brand new top of the Read More


Anatomy Tuesday… Scapula Stabilizers

Last week we reviewed the “SITS” muscles for the Rotator Cuff, keeping on the theme I felt it would only be appropriate to continue our review on the Shoulder area, therefore this week lets discuss the Scapula Stabilizers. The Scapula is the largest bone in the shoulder girdle, with several muscles that attach, in ideal Read More

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Anatomy Tuesday….

Since I choked up on this question in my Exo Chair module, for study and review I am implementing ANATOMY TUESDAY, I will take a moment to dissect and break down our movers which are imperative to our practice and everyday movement.  The shoulder is one of the most elaborate areas of the body consisting Read More

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Yesterday was my last pilates module to complete Exo Chair and I officially only have 75 hours left to go to complete my total hours needed to test out!!! I am so pleased that I have come this far, I dove into this process last September, at times it truly seemed like I would never Read More

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Planking is GOOD for your Core…

Planks… oh the dreaded plank.. As I tell all my clients planking is the best thing you can do for your body and when you are unable to make class, your homework is to do your planks, do them while you are watching TV or place a magazine or book under you and read a Read More

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Pilates for Scoliosis

Tonight I ended up teaching two unplanned classes as I substituted for another teacher. It is a nice opportunity to have a chance to meet more of the clients at the studio. I had one group session and my other group ended up as a private session (lucky her and me) this client suffers from Read More

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Pilates Playlists

One thing all my clients always love about my classes besides the amazing workout is my music . I know a lot of pilates instructors do not like music in there classes however I have found it to be an amazing component to keep my clients pumped up energized. Every Sunday I spend some time Read More

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Saturday Morning Classes are Serious Business!

My clients this morning were amazing at 8 am & 9 am. Today was serious business no chit-chat here!! These classes were a combination of single leg work on a ball, light jumping for abs and obliques, a side leg jumping series that sent there glute medius and minimums singing a mean song, reverse abs Read More

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Pilates is for Everyone

It has been awesome to have an nice ratio of men in my Pilates classes over the last couple weeks and last night’s class had a split Ratio!!! YEAH for the Men!!!  There is huge misconceptions about #Pilates that it is for Woman, Easy, Like Yoga and only for the Flexible.. However all of the Read More