Reflecting on 2015

Swinging from Trees..

~2015 Summed up in a Quote~

“One day your heart will stop beating and none of your fears will matter. What will matter is how you lived” – Henri Juntilla


I cant believe this year is finally coming to a close, what an amazing ride. I have learned so much about myself over the last 365 days of 2015 (well 364 to be exact) although at times I felt hanging by a thread and discouragement ran through my head I kept pushing my way through and as the year comes to a close I have taken another few steps up the ladder.

As you know I started my own consulting business last year, continue to teach pilates, help the hubby with his Photography Business and still get out and do some modeling gigs from time to time in addition to being a full time puggle mommy and wife.  My life is a full time job, lots of sleepless nights, long hours and constant juggling. There has been great highs and great lows, nothing has come easy. This year has brought on everything from: defeats, victories, challenges, gifts, loss, adventures, endings , beginnings, fights, recovery, sadness, happiness, pain, heartache, love, strength, courage, surprises, fears, loneliness, awareness, and passion but through it all I have never had any regrets as I now have more layers, more depth and more walls – These hurdles and celebrations have changed me more then any year of my life –  there have been many forks in the road that paved my path leading to 2016.  All blessings all I am thankful for : that impactful stranger, bad/good decision, or a wonderful circumstance changed everything. The question is do you let baggage make you jaded, mean or unhappy or do we just embrace it and learn to grow.  What I have learned is we have to be us and to maintain happiness we must be truly honest with ourselves. As I embark on 2016 I do not have resolutions, I know I will change we all change, I embark into 2016 with a theme to be mindful to reflect on how things effect me and let them effect me to feel it and “let it go”, to continue to inspire others and to grow for the best, embarking on as many journeys and adventures as I can while staying grounded, humble and thankful. I cherish all for being part of my life, even if it was only for a moment you impacted me in many ways and I am thankful for what you brought.

2016 Mantra- Live for today, this moment, this breath and honoring thyself.


-Photo highlights of 2015 –


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