Please share… Life Truly is Precious

Last month a good friend of ours sustained a C5 spinal cord injury in a freak accident which has left him paralyzed. Spinal cord injuries are very severe and costly. Upon this news I also was informed his wife, Sienna is expecting twin boys. Life truly works in mysterious ways. Being a Pilates instructor when I heard this news of Sean’s injury I was devastated for him as I know rehabilitation from such injury is a long road with no expectations, only miracles, will and strength to keep trying will get him through to bring him the much needed possible healing. The mind is a powerful thing and I know that Sean has drive to do everything he can to walk again and be able to play with his babies. However in the interim it will be a rocky / costly path ahead for him and his family.

Please check out their cause and anything you can do to help even if it is just positive vibes and energy is much appreciated.

 Help Hope Live

With Gratitude..

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