Pilates is for Everyone


It has been awesome to have an nice ratio of men in my Pilates classes over the last couple weeks and last night’s class had a split Ratio!!! YEAH for the Men!!!  There is huge misconceptions about #Pilates that it is for Woman, Easy, Like Yoga and only for the Flexible.. However all of the above is untrue, Pilates is for Everybody!!! IT was Invented by a Man for Physical Rehab and Injury prevention. Some men are now realizing what amazing benefits Pilates has on their body’s and many athletes are incorporating the practice into their daily training. #Yoga is not like Pilates they may complement each other well and they both have the goal of uniting the body, mind and spirit however Pilates is about controlling the muscles with the mind activating muscles you rarely connect with. You will not come to my class and walk out and say that was EASY, we will make sure you are engaging and applying the principals, it will be challenging and you will benefit. I have Cross Fit Students that walk out in shock of how much tougher my Ab series is..  I LOVE IT… Come join me sometime, you will be impressed with what you are unaware of about your body..

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