Pilates for Golfers .. A match made in heaven… Can you call me Cupid…




I have been a bit off the grid lately and I apologize. Things are getting super exciting over here and to make progress in life sometimes we gotta step back in other areas, therefore my blog has had to suffer slightly but I am going to try my best again to keep it on lock, cause I miss you guys!!!

I have ton of new ventures and collaborations coming up as I have been working behind the scenes like crazy.. I wanted to share one of my many new ventures with you today…  Wait for it…. ………………. I took on another teaching gig at the Marbella Country Club. I know, i know where do I find time for anything else.. (goodbye beauty rest) BUT this has been an amazing new adventure for me to work on a specialty within the Pilates community, I feel very rewarded working with this clientele and I am even thinking of taking up Golf myself.

What I have learned….. DUH…… A good golf game starts with a good backswing and a good swing starts with posture….  ummm hello Pilates what are we all about!!!!  POSTURE…… ALIGNMENT…. BODY MECHANICS…. CONNECTION…… FLUIDITY….

If you did not know Pilates is not just for woman… How is the for a SUPRISE…  over half my clientele is men from younger, mid aged to older, from athletes to injury rehab..  POINT…. Pilates is not only for woman….  sessions are tailored to fit the needs and goals of each client and it can IMPROVE your game, any game (maybe even your ladies game 🙂 ) , but today it is all about the GOLF GAME.

Pilates … What is the hype… Pilates is all about  form, body mechanics, increasing flexibility in a proper way and finding an awareness of that mind body connection. With a awareness of your body movement and the flexibility that the practice provides you will find increased mobility in the body, that is when the magic happens with proper form your axis will improve and swing will come into a better alignment improving your drive, couple that with the mind body connection your stroke (putt) should get smoother too .. NOT only is your game going to get better you should feel better before, during and after,  you will find with the Pilates practice improving your posture, and body mechanics stress in areas of the body will decrease and the tension and aches in areas (knees, wrists, shoulders) should decrease. Wait there is more… add that to the fact you are gaining pelvic floor stability,  fluid balanced muscle strength in areas we do not work with normal exercise regimes AND building a stronger core you can truly work from the inside out utilizing the deep abdominal’s, and increase that drive. Hello birdie, Hole in One , Double Eagle… If most of the PGA like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, David Duval, Rich Beam, Carin Coch and Annika Sorenstam are swearing by the practice and is utilizing Pilates to increase there game then you just might want to see what the hype is all about..


I have some wonderful new clients at the club, the best part is my golfers are coming in saying their games are getting EVEN better and they FEEL better.. They are now lifers… They know the secret to movement.. word is out in San Juan and as much as they don’t want to share that secret with the other members they are as they love the fair competition.

IF you golf and are not a member of Marbella and are local to the San Juan Capistrano area- check out the club it is beautiful and recently underwent a major renovation adding the new Pilates studio. Once a member give me a call and you can pick up some private Pilates sessions with me to improve your game..


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