Not all those who wander are lost…

imageI am looking for ideas and suggestions for our annual vacation (dog friendly- of course!!). Every year we plan a road trip vacation, last year we ventured up the Central California coast staying in Santa Cruz, San Francisco and Cambria (making many other stops along the way). Road trips are awesome it is so much fun to be able to bring Kona with us (he is a well traveled puggle) also my husband has become an amazing photographer over the last few years and it has blossomed to a business for, therefore the road trips have been wonderful opportunities for him to capture new landscapes for his collections giving us the chance to explore beautiful areas. I truly believe life is about moments and it is a beautiful thing to have a gift like his to be able to capture life, making time stand still for just that second. I am hoping that I can get some ideas for this year’s trip. We are beach people at heart but I am open to venture out of the norm and again we need dog friendly suggestions.. We of coarse would like to travel abroad but I cannot fathom leaving Kona for longer than a night and I refuse to board him.. Therefore in time that will come, but for now and drivable suggestions?
“Not all those that wonder are lost”


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