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I have always had the desire to become a columnist, hence the blogging and persistent IG marketing I involve myself with daily, I really enjoy engaging with my readers, clients, family and fans ..  I can recall back in the day when magazines where on glossy thin paper and purchased at the grocer or delivered in you local mail reading the likes of Seventeen, Teen Vouge, Bop,  YM, Cosmopolitan, Health  etc..  thinking I am going to make it big and be part of a magazine one day.. Well lets just say desires can come true, hard work and persistence seems to always pay off when dedicated and positive.  I recently was approached by the editor and chief at QPmag a online International Fashion  Magazine requesting to feature me in the upcoming issue and giving me my own section on fitness and wellness moving forward.  QPmag is based in the Canary Islands in Spain and has over a million readers worldwide, needless to say I am honored and excited to be part of this publication and gifted this opportunity, The online magazine is issued quarterly and my first feature will be in the upcoming issue in Late September. Since this will be an ongoing column the first piece is a interview for the readers to get to know yours truly and engage with me. I sat down earlier this week in my home and had a amazing one on one interview filling QPMag in on all the behind the scenes deets about my healthy, fast paced, Pilates,  travel and adventure driven, carefree Bohemian California Lifestyle. Look for it  out next month.. You bet I will be sharing it on here as well..

If you would like a possible feature in upcoming issues and you have any Health / Fitness/ Pilates/ Beauty / Travel questions -, please email me @ / I will be adding a section and pick a few questions a issue to feature.. Also if you are a brand and would like to have your products reviewed or featured please reach out.




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One thought on “Meet your new columnist…

  1. I am very excited for you Kristen. I know you will be a great asset to the magazine. You have worked so hard to reach your goals and their is nothing I love more than to see a person have a dream and go after it. To say I am proud of you is dim in comparison to what I really think and feel. Cheers to your new adventure.

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