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Every year on my birthday I set new goals for the upcoming year ahead .. My purpose in life is to insure every year I am growing and changing in the best possible ways I can .. This year I told myself I need to become more involved in some of the charities in our community .. My best friend is highly involved with HomeAid a foundation to aid and assist the growing number of homeless population in Orange County, HomeAid puts on a annual gala to raise awareness and funds to aid the homeless and get them off the street by community outreach, when she gave me details of this wonderful charity I jumped on the opportunity to get our Pilates studio The Pilates Shoppe in Aliso Viejo Physical Therapy involved in the cause.. The annual Gala at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach raised over 396k last year for the homeless population with the silent auction and donations. With the state of our economy many Adults, children and babies have been forced to sleeping in cars and on the streets and an estimated 15,000 are expected to become homeless over the coarse of a year in Orange County with our support and donations Homeaid helps these family’s get back on their feet. Please take a moment to check out there cause every little thing we can do helps. Check out this very informative video



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