Happy Halloween….

Halloween pumpkin lantern. Trick  or treat.

Hope everyone is having a safe and exciting halloween. While we are here to enjoy life to the fullest let’s be sure to honor our body and treat it right. Practicing self control and setting limits and boundaries is not only good for our health but great for our personal growth. These days there is so many great alternatives and healthier options that we can pass along to the little goblins, witches and gremlins to lead them down a path of wellness after all child obesity is on the rise let try to be the solution for the future generations and lead by example .. Worst case you may be left with a bowl of candy due to the lack of tricksters and if that is the case you better hope you have some healthy options or have really amazing self control cause that is all going to the hips!!!  If you do not live in a area with specialty markets and you cannot find these specific suggestions try to pick up the new sugar free or smaller sized candies from Hersheys (Jolly Ranchers, Peanut butter cups, York patties etc.) which should be readily available at your local grocer or another easy option that packs in some fiber is the Almond or Dark Chocolate Peanut M&MS

Here are a few specific suggestions for you for next year –

1. Endangered Species Chocolate Bars
2. Annie’s Organic Homegrown Fruit Snacks
3. Unreal Candy
4. Yum Earth Organic Lollipops
5. Justins Peanut Butter Cups

If you are having a party tonight or need a halloween workout playlist check out my mix that I created for my Pilates classes this AM which can be found on Spotify – HALLOWEENIE MIX , after all it cant be halloween without a little, monster mash, thriller, and vampires – Hope you enjoy

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