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Happy Almost Thanksgiving!
We want to take a moment to let you know how thankful we are for having you as a client. Here’s the latest news and advice from your friends at
The Pilates Shoppe!
Our annual food drive for the Second Harvest Food Bank is always a WIN/WIN!

Help feed those in need AND enter for the chance to win FREE CLASSES!

Every time you come to class, bring a food donation and drop an entry in our raffle box. 

1st Place Wins 3 FREE CLASSES!
2nd Place Wins 2 FREE CLASSES!
3rd Place Wins 1 FREE CLASS!

We’re open the day after Thanksgiving!

Friday Nov. 27th
8am Jumpboard Intervals Class
9am Reformer Class
10am Reformer Level 1 Class


Working out is more important than ever during the months of November and December. During these next couple of months you will be going out more, and you may find yourself eating and drinking more than usual. Here are some of my tricks and tips to stay motivated for your workouts during these busy times.

* Plan your meals! Go to the grocery store and buy your food for the week. Meal prep is so important in eating right. When you eat healthy during the week it allows you to play on the weekend!

* Stay hydrated! Not only are we eating differently during these months, but the air tends to be dryer and with how busy and stressed our lives are we tend to not stay as hydrated. Drink lots of water!

* Put yourself to bed!  It’s important to get enough sleep during these months. Lack of sleep can cause weight gain, tiredness, and cause lack of motivation to do just about anything.

* Schedule your workouts in advance!  Just like you would schedule a party or dinner date, or going to watch the boat parade–schedule your workouts! Login, look at schedules, book them in advance and put them in your calendar.  This will help hold you accountable and keep you motivated to work out.

My general rule of thumb: be good most of the time, but allow yourself some fun, allow yourself some treats, and allow yourself some time to misbehave!

If you incorporate these simple steps into your routine these next couple of months your body will thank you!  You’ll feel good and you’ll start off the new year ahead of all those gym crashers that’ll be joining you in January.

So get up, get fit, get moving and stay motivated during this holiday season!


By Kristen Norman
With the holiday season around the corner what better then some tips to make you flash worthy in your family photos and holiday parties? With my husband being a photographer and my modeling history I do know how to rock the camera! Here are a few tips to ensure your next photo is frame worthy.
  1. Confidence is key when you get in front of the lens! You need to own it: we project how we feel in life and the camera is going to capture your mood. If you don’t like being in front of the lens spend some time in front of a mirror and practice angles and expressions, try and learn to smize (smile with the eyes). Pictures last forever and you don’t want to look miserable in your family photo.
  2. Relax, be silly and have fun with it!  The camera picks up any and all tension, don’t flex your muscles or tense your jaw–be loose and smile! It looks good on you.
  3. Creating separation between your limbs and body is a perfect way to look slimmer. It prevents that squashed look and will give a slimmer appearance to your body.
  4. Elongating your neck and rolling the shoulders back (sound familiar from Pilates class?) is another slimming trick! If you ‘pop’ your jaw forward that will prevent a double chin. I call this trick “Turtle Head”. It feels awkward and unnatural but when done you will have a much better photo.
  5. Keep your hands loose and fingers close together with a slight bend. The best angle of the hand and arm is the side as it is dainty and small  (that slimming effect again) , the back of the hand does not make a pretty image.
  6. Ladies want to create some curves? You can fake it – two tricks- you can position your hands on your hips which will create a false waistline or you can kick up your hip on one side. Popping the hip is not an easy move but its worth it if you can master it!
When you are under the pressure of the lens we can easily forget all these tricks and for some of us it could stress us out more, so in that case…just remember #2: RELAX and have fun… Its all about the essence of the moment!  Enjoy your holiday celebrations!
Happy Thanksgiving to my Pilates Shoppe Family!  I’m so grateful for all of you.  Most of you know I’m a little bit dog crazy, so when I’m not exercising in the studio, I’m staying fit by romping with my golden retriever Oscar.  He wanted to share HIS fitness tips with you this newsletter.  Enjoy!  xo -Jen

1) Exercise is the BEST part of the day!  Woohoo!
2) Exercise is always better with your best friend.
3) Go outside as much as you can!
4) Sometimes I get anxious. Exercise calms me down. It will do the same for you!
5) Stop and say hello!  You never know when you’ll make a new friend.
6) Always try to find a way to make it fun!
7) Do lots of Pilates! (my mom made me say that)
8) Chase a bird or a bunny once in a while…someday you might catch one!
9) Water is the best sports drink!  I prefer the hose.
10) Always bring a plastic bag…just in case!


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