Earth Day 2014


Earth Day is right around the corner .. What can you do to help out Mother Earth ? Here is a list of a few things I found going on in the local area to help out the environment. (as I am informed of other organized efforts I will update the list)

San Clemente Beach Clean Up
Dohney State Beach, planting project
Dohney Beach Clean up
Poche Beach Clean Up “Caring for the Sea”

You will find me at the Dohney Beach or Poche Beach clean up, being local to my neighborhood I want to help keep it clean and I am all about putting a helping hand forward anytime I can.

Here is a link to the EPA where you can locate tips on Environmental consciousness and ways you can help reduce your carbon footprint

I hope everyone can spare a hour or two of there day to give back to our planet which gives us amazing life and such beauty everyday!! If you cant make a local organized event try to at least do something on your own, like picking up neighborhood rubbish as you walk fido..

Takes photos and share on Instagram to promote and inspire others and tag me @___kfab____ would love to see all the goodness in action..


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