Daylight Savings Time…

My favorite time of the year is back!! I love when we spring forward, the loss of a hour is a bummer but that extra hour of daylight makes up for it all. Yes I will be back to dark mornings but I don’t mind one bit. I wish in fact we would ditch the whole routine and stay sprung forward from now on.. Can we start a petition please 🙂

I could not have asked for a better day to kick off the time change. The weather this weekend is like amazing summer days. We defiantly could use a little more rain for our drought issues but I am forever thankful for this gorgeous weekend as I needed a moment to clear my head soak in some vitamin D and feel like I was in Maui on vacation with the warm summer sun and sweet spring air.. It was so amazing out when we walked Kona we decided it was a perfect bike day we got home and hopped on the beach cruisers and road the beach trail into town, ten miles ride round trip. We grabbed a salad and a Mai Tai at Fishermans on the Pier, the waves were looking pretty good and the water is so warm surfers were trunking it.. Good times.. A blessed life we live..

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