Contrology … A little history….


My master teacher has informed me that I have too much control, however I think for me that is a good thing as I can recall times in my life when I lacked control, knowing this is why I try hard to maintain control. Could this be why I found such a connection with the method?? I do however need to relinquish some control and find that balance.. We all have something to work on, as she says… “let it go”..

Did you know ….. Pilates was originally called Contrology ??? It was not until after Mr. Pilates had passed that the method was renamed Pilates after the creator himself. Here is a little history on the practice of which was inspired by my Balance Body manuals:

Joseph Pilates, born Germany: 1883, was looking for ways to improve his health and body at a young age due to the illnesses he was plagued with. He was a boxer, wrestler, fencer and gymnast. HE went on tour as a boxer when WWI broke at this time he was in England in which he was detained in a resident alien camp while in the camp he lead his fellow detainees in a daily exercise program and when the influenza broke out in 1918 none of his practitioners became ill. The Camp Leaders took notice and gave him a job as a orderly at a hospital for wounded soldiers, he used his principles to rehab the injured, he developed his first piece of Pilates equipment attaching springs to the patents beds, today of which we call the Cadillac. He returned to Germany when the war was over declining a offer from the Nazi party, shortly after taking sail to America where he met his wife Clara whom was a nurse, moving to New York in 1926, there they resided in a studio in the same building as the New York City Ballet which was when they started teaching “Contrology”  he had a strong ballet following working with injured dancers. During this time he invented several pieces of equipment that we use in Pilates today. A fire destroyed his studio in 1967, shortly followed by his death, his wife Clara carried out his work until her passing in 1977. His method was carried on by his first generation students known as the “Pilates Elders”: Romona Krzanowska, Eve Genty, Ron Fletcher , Carola Trier, Kathleen Stanford Grant, Mary Bowen and Lolita San Miguel. All of whom have since passed except Lolita and Mary.


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