Pilates for Scoliosis

imageTonight I ended up teaching two unplanned classes as I substituted for another teacher. It is a nice opportunity to have a chance to meet more of the clients at the studio. I had one group session and my other group ended up as a private session (lucky her and me) this client suffers from scoliosis, therefore I completely deviated from my original plan for class and changed the goal to benefit her needs. We focused on work that would help get her stretched out and some strengthening exercises for her hips / lower body incorporating some single leg work for balance and pelvic stability which is crucial for the scoliosis client as due to the spinal curve the legs and hips can become misaligned, I also added much spinal articulation round back and extension to create more space and movement in her spine. I feel Pilates is excellent for the client with scoliosis to rebalance the muscles and to help create symmetrical alignment. Glad I had the opportunity to work with her I enjoyed the deviation for the evening and I am sure it was great for her to have a class based around her needs.

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