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Since I choked up on this question in my Exo Chair module, for study and review I am implementing ANATOMY TUESDAY, I will take a moment to dissect and break down our movers which are imperative to our practice and everyday movement.

 The shoulder is one of the most elaborate areas of the body consisting of a ball and socket joint, offering an extreme range of motion and commonly prone to dysfunction, due to the complexity we will review this area in sections. Today is all about the Rotator Cuff , injuries in this area results in pain & declining range of movement, stretching and strengthening these muscles are a must for shoulder mobility. Exercise in this area should be focused on light resistance and high reps, internal and external rotation are great exercises for this muscle group try the Reformer “Kneeling Side Arms” series (External rotation, Pull across, etc). If you are suffering from an injury and experiencing pain overhead movements and heavy weight may and should be avoided  (Mermaid, Breastroke, Draw a Sword, Overhead Press etc)

The Rotator Cuff consists of four small muscles which  connect the scapula (shoulder blade) to the head the humerus (upper arm)  these muscles combine at the shoulder forming a “cuff”, they stabilize the shoulder as well as elevate and rotate the arm, these muscles are commonly referred to as the S.I.T.S muscles (don’t confuse this acronym to the SIT Bones 🙂 ).  Each of the muscles originate on the shoulder blade (scapula) and insert on the arm bone (humerus) , the four muscles are:

1)  Supraspinatus – Abducts arm away from body (arm raising) / stabilizes the humeral head

2) Infraspinatus – Externally rotates the shoulder joint (turns arm out) / stabilizes the humeral head

3) Teres Minor – Externally rotates the shoulder joint (turns arm out) / stabilizes the humeral head

4)  Subscapularis – Depress the head of the humerus during elevation of the arm and internally rotates the arm (turns arm in), stabilizes the humeral head

Now that I have done some additional research and review on this matter, hopefully I have ingrained it in my head for the future 🙂

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