Anatomy Tuesday… Since were squatting this month lets talk about my Fav … THE GLUTES



My absolute favorite muscle group to work on is the muscles of the booty which consists of three muscles that we call the Glutes, the most superficial of the three is the gluteus maximus and give the booty its  lifted shape, it extends and laterally rotates the femur at the hip and is responsible for bringing the torso upright from a stooped position when standing. Underneath the gluteus maximus lies the glutes medius and minimus which give the hips shape, this muscles is responsible for abducting the thigh and during walking is your stabilizer when you are on one leg, preventing your weight to shift. Also when flexed it internally rotates the thigh and when the hip is extended it will internally rotate the thigh.

Glutes can tend to be a very lazy muscle and when not actively engaged they lose function making them hard to activate and causing other muscles to take over creating muscular imbalance. Since they are so vital to pelvic stability and injury prevention I work the glutes in all my hour training programs. Weak glutes can cause low back, knee and ankle injury / pain . When the Gluteus Medius isn’t properly activating or weak the IT Band will fire to assist which causes a tight IT band and  often you will experience knee pain, if you are experiencing  slight knee pain, try rolling out the IT band on a foam roller to release the fascia and tension / pulling on the knee. If this helps and the knee pain subsides this would be a good sign the Glute medius has become weak and you should work on a exercise plan that will assist in strengthen this muscle group.

Some great Pilates Mat work for the Glute Medius is the Side Leg Series, Banana, Kneeling side Kick, Clam or on the Reformer Skater, Side Leg footwork on the footbar or in straps. To work the Glute Maximus supine footwork, lunges, Squats leg lifts..

On that note, let’s work on those summer booties and fire up those glutes!!!  I am hoping you will join in on the 31 day Squat challenge !! 🙂 IF you do, be sure to tag me in your instgram posts would love to see your variations of squats #___Kfab___

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