Anatomy Tuesday… Scapula Stabilizers



Last week we reviewed the “SITS” muscles for the Rotator Cuff, keeping on the theme I felt it would only be appropriate to continue our review on the Shoulder area, therefore this week lets discuss the Scapula Stabilizers. The Scapula is the largest bone in the shoulder girdle, with several muscles that attach, in ideal alignment it is held posteriorly floating against the rib cage by the Rhomboid and Serratus Anterior muscles. The scapula has 6 ranges of movement , elevation, depression , retraction, protraction, upward rotation, downward rotation.  Scapula should lay flat against the ribcage without winging, when scapula is winged the stabilizer muscles are not active or connecting in which case they could be injured/weak/ stretched. If you are experiencing winging strengthening your serratus and rhomboid muscles can help stabilize the scapula, reduce winging and pain. The Serratus Anterior protracts (abduction), rotates and stabilizes and the Rhomboids rotate and retract (Adduction). Since most of the population suffers from protracted scapular issues due to rounded shoulders from computer work and bad kyphotic posture when sitting I have been making it a point to focus on Scapular Stability exercises in all of my classes. We always Plank and I make sure we add a series of arm work that involves focusing on protraction and retraction.

scapula ranges

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