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Kristen Norman is a Pilates Instructor, Business Consultant and Model located in Southern Orange County residing in a quite beach town. Kristen was a passionate Dancer from childhood through her teens with dreams of a professional career in dance- although the path she took did not lead there she has found a new inspiration in life. Through her 20’s she always stayed fit through all types of vigorous forms of exercise however it wasn’t until she found Pilates that she discovered the passion that she once experienced as a child through dance. The mind body connection the practice  brought has found her finding balance and new found passion in life.   In addition to Pilates she enjoys Yoga, Barre and cycling for cardio. Even though she prefers her toes in the sand enjoys SUP and is a complete beach lady at heart, in the winter she can be found hitting the slopes snowboarding. Kristen also is passionate about eating healthy and incorporating Organic Foods into her diet embodying healthy living in its entirety. When she was introduced to Reformer Pilates she had a instant connection, it has sculpted her to the best shape of her life and with the incorporation of the Pilates principals she found the method to be an amazing accompaniment to her daily activities, not only making her strong, lean and healthy, she feels lighter on her toes and her body is no longer as stiff, moving with fluidity like she once did as a dancer.. Because of this intense connection for the method she felt destined to share her bliss and to help others find a similar rhythm in life. Diving head first into a Full certification training program under Amy Cady with the Balanced Body Repertoire in 2013 was one of the most amazing journeys. She has found herself forever inspired – and encourages one to challenge themselves daily.  Pilates also has wonderful rehabilitation benefits for injuries as well a mental therapy (some of her clients say she is cheaper then a psychiatrist :)). Pilates is fun and she can make the workout as intense as you need it, reminding you to always listen to your body. She is very excited to be part of a practice that can bring such health to life. Kristen is currently instructing at the Pilates Shoppe in Aliso Viejo and Marbella Country Club in San Juan Capistrano. In addition she has traveled internationally sharing her passion and loves creating new exciting Fusion classes.

~Look for exciting things to come on Youtube for some great workouts you can do at home, when you cant make it to her classes.~    She has some new things in the works!!

-A Few Kristenwisdoms –

“You can always have more, be more, do more- always be a little big fish”

“With all great things come failures, its how you get up which sets you apart”

“Inspire, Love, Be yourself, Be Weird, Laugh, Passion is everything, Let It GO”

“Dance like no one is watching, walk in the rain and follow your dreams”

“Travel often, leave a peace of your soul everywhere”

  Hope you find some useful information withing her blog as she shares her journey through her lifestyle.

Disclaimer- Although I am a Pilates instructor I am not a licensed Medical Doctor or nutritionist, this blog contains opinion, thoughts, information, and my personal views. You should consult your physician before undertaking major diet and fitness changes. This information is not intended as professional medical advice nor as recommendations, neither should it be interpreted as the practice of medicine nor as offer of medical advice.


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