A Screaming Steal at the Studio!!!! – Pilates Shoppe

Just in time to get you through the winter and to burn off all the holiday treats. We are offering a $18 class special at the studio, you have no limits on what you can purchase but the trick is you gotta use them up before the end of the year.. $18 bucks a class – what an amazing investment for your health!! We are also going to be adding a new class format in the evenings to torch those calories, exactly what you need to revv up the routine and get you through the calorie crash..

I cant wait to see you all soon and stay tuned for the details on the new class 🙂

Purchase and schedule your classes online today- The Pilates Shoppe

Don’t forget I am teaching 8am & 9am on Halloween- Lets spook that booty into shape and do a little Monster Mash!!

Halloween special 2015

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