6 Words…. The Pilates Principles!!



Six words which are the Pilates Principles that are a huge part of my life. I embody the principles through my practice, my teachings and in my everyday life. Mr. Pilates thought of his method as a way to connect and develop the mind body and spirit. I feel from my own personal experience when you embody the practice as a whole he had it down, talk about a man way ahead of his time..

1)      Breath- It is the foundation of our existence it helps calm the mind and body. Breathing draws your mind back to the task at hand. Integrated into all Pilates movements clearing out the lungs and improving the flow of oxygen to our bodies

2)      Concentration- This is major, the work in Pilates takes a huge amount of concentration you must be present and in control to maintain form and purpose. Joe often said “it is better to do five repetitions perfectly then 20 without paying attention”

3)      Control – The mind must be engaged controlling the movements your body is making, understanding proper alignment, form and effort.

4)      Centering – All movements in Pilates radiate from your center (Powerhouse or Core). Developing a strong, stable and flexible core is key

5)      Precision- Using proper form is precision!!!

6)      Flow – Smooth graceful movements will decrease stress on the joints and will help develop your body to move and flow smoothly and effortlessly


There are three other principles (Balanced Muscle Development, Whole Body Movement & Relaxation) however the above are the major 6 Keys to Pilates. Take note of these principles and think about them and use them when you’re in class, it will help perfect your practice and movement in daily life..

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