Anatomy Tuesday… The Hamstrings!

DO you have issues straightening your legs all the way and getting the bend out of your knee, this is your hamstrings talking to you. The Hamstrings consist of three muscles the Biceps Femoris, Semitendinosus and Semimembranosus, they attach to the ischial tuberosity and insert either on the Femur, Tibia or Fibula. The Hamstrings actions Read More

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Earth Day 2014

Earth Day is right around the corner .. What can you do to help out Mother Earth ? Here is a list of a few things I found going on in the local area to help out the environment. (as I am informed of other organized efforts I will update the list) San Clemente Beach Read More


For a good Cause… Charity Event tomorrow night at Pizza Port in San Clemente!!

Tomorrow night is the night for the event to help support Sean Lynn @ Pizza Port in San Clemente The Schedule will be as follows: 6pm- Skype Sean 7pm – Live Music 8pm – Raffle 9pm – Live Music 9:30 – Silent Auction Some of the amazing Auction / Raffle Items are as follows: La Read More


Anatomy Tuesday… Since were squatting this month lets talk about my Fav … THE GLUTES

My absolute favorite muscle group to work on is the muscles of the booty which consists of three muscles that we call the Glutes, the most superficial of the three is the gluteus maximus and give the booty its  lifted shape, it extends and laterally rotates the femur at the hip and is responsible for Read More

31 day squat

31 Day Squat Challenge..

Lorna Jane posted a 31 Day Squat Challenge on Instagram today. I LOVE Squats and booty work, therefore lets do this!! Get ourselves some nice booties for summer and HELLO Summer is just around the corner. I just took a break and did my 30 for the day. I did a standard squat today however Read More