Anatomy Tuesday..

The Erector Spinae muscles are a group of three paired muscles that run vertical to your spine they extend the vertebrate column and assist the core to maintain proper posture. The three muscles of the Erector Spinae are the Iliocostalis, Longissimus and Spinalis, the paired groups run along the spine originating at the Sacrum and Read More


Lorna Jane Trunk Show @ The Pilates Shoppe

Come join us this Thursday the 20th from 5:30 to 8:00pm for the Lorna Jane Trunk Show at The Pilates Shoppe in Aliso Viejo Physical Therapy. This is a great opportunity to check out the beautiful studio, meet the other instructors and clients, sip bubbles, have some treats and get 10% off all your Lorna Read More


Vanilla Flax Banana Protein Pancakes

Been on my own for the weekend and making my morning protein smoothie was not sounding like a Sunday morning breakfast I have been seeing all these protein pancake recipes, so I figured why not try it out while the cat is away.. I like to try and test new things out before making the Read More


What is your “Core”

I wanted to address the Core aka Powerhouse for Anatomy Tuesday since I had mentioned this muscle group in my post yesterday. What is your Core??? It is not a apple and if you answered “abs”, you are incorrect. The abdominals are in the core(torso) region however the core of your body consists of four Read More


6 Words…. The Pilates Principles!!

Six words which are the Pilates Principles that are a huge part of my life. I embody the principles through my practice, my teachings and in my everyday life. Mr. Pilates thought of his method as a way to connect and develop the mind body and spirit. I feel from my own personal experience when Read More

dreams las mares

Daylight Savings Time…

My favorite time of the year is back!! I love when we spring forward, the loss of a hour is a bummer but that extra hour of daylight makes up for it all. Yes I will be back to dark mornings but I don’t mind one bit. I wish in fact we would ditch the Read More


All Work No Play…

It was a beautiful summerish day today in the 80’s, however there was no beach time on the agenda for me today.. I had a marketing photo shoot for a new Pilates studio that has opened locally in Dana Point, “The Core Connection”. The studio is sleek, beautiful and has brand new top of the Read More

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March is “National Nutrition Month”..

Did you know March is the Official “National Nutrition Month” I am a firm believer that eating healthy is the #1 most important change you can make to maintain good health.  Eating healthy is a lifestyle and shouldn’t be embodied as a “diet”, when you embody clean eating as a lifestyle you should no longer Read More


Anatomy Tuesday… Scapula Stabilizers

Last week we reviewed the “SITS” muscles for the Rotator Cuff, keeping on the theme I felt it would only be appropriate to continue our review on the Shoulder area, therefore this week lets discuss the Scapula Stabilizers. The Scapula is the largest bone in the shoulder girdle, with several muscles that attach, in ideal Read More

dreams las mares

Pilates Bodies..

Kate Hudson looked stunning at the Oscars last night in her Atelier Versace gown. Kate Hudson is a Pilates devotee for over fifteen years  and maintains her lean body through the practice, you can read more about her workout secrets she swears by in a interview with her Pilates trainer Nicole Stuart Shape Magazine from October 2012.. Love Read More